koobaxion Man okay when I got my wisdom teeth out it was a fucking experience Before the surgery wasn't too interesting but as soon as I woke up I saw the nurse next to me and was all like hey i think i died and now I'm in a parallel universe and i gotta go back to my house and kill the me from this universe and he was just kinda like alright you do that And then the other nurse kept going in and out of the room to get things and I thought there was like 5 of her that kept coming out of the room and then so when she was wheeling me out in a wheelchair I was like damn why are there so many of you there's like 5 many of you and she was just kinda like alright you do that Anyway I got to the car and my dad was there and he was like how ya feeling son in the dadliest way possible and I was like MAN I AM PUMPED LETS GET SOME JUICE I'M STARVED so we drove about 3 blocks to a jamba juice whereupon I say I'm good I can do this and rundrunkstumble 30 feet to the door I burst in the door like a viking returning from some fucking battle and holler WHATS UP FUCKS to everyone in the store which was thankfully just the 2 people behind the counter who looked probably as scaredconfused as a jamba juice employee could look So anyway as my dad explained the situation I looked up at the jamba juice menu and was utterly fucking lost in it Like I swear I was looking at this menu board for a year deciphering this Rosetta stone of fruits I distinctly remember that I was looking at each item in a smoothie thinking of how it tasted then moving on to the next thing and thinking of how that tasted and how they would taste together Since most smoothies had 3 or 4 items this took some thinking So my dad sees me in this extreme brain blast state of mind and says hey are you going to order or what Keep in mind I'm on the first fucking smoothie on the list here So I just say shush man I'm trying to do fruit science and then when I realized that this process could take literal years I just said yeah give me a smooth regular which for the uninitiated isn't actually a real thing on any menu Oh also I asked them if the boosted smoothies would give me super powers and then pointed my fingers at them and made lightning noises So my dad just orders me the first thing on the menu and I go to sit down and stare out the window or some shit and my thoroughly amused dad just looks at me and says how ya feelin? Now at this time I was feeling a lot of things but most noticeable to me was the gauze in my mouth so I just look at him and say there's these fuckin tiny sheep in my head which at the time was the best way I had to convey this feeling Anyway about that time the jamba juice guy brings us our drinks and he gives me a small thing of mario kart stickers and I swear I almost cried from the tsunami of emotion that gift made me feel I still have them Anyway the rest of the story is we drove home and I explained this programming project I was working on to my dad in perfect detail somehow and then I came home and went on facebook and posted a comment on my friends status because I couldn't find the status update bar that read i just took a lort of painkillers and yelled at everyone in a jambo juice This may be the funniest thing I have ever read There are actual tears coming out of my face More awesome pics at FUNSubstancecom Meme







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