khadij-al-kubra tooiconic fuckyeahyonicsymbols dorkilybeautiful blackmoonbabe brain-confetti nightvalemeteorologist suctioning Why She had a dream and she realized it Hey wait but sit down This is Megumi Igarashi She’s a Japanese artist Japan the country with some of the most fucked up pornography and the penis festival Where the vagina is basically illegal to talk about So she did a bunch of art featuring 3D sculptures of her vagina including this kayak and was put in jail for it She was indicted again in December on obscenity charges for selling vagina art to crowdfund for the kayak and could spend two years in prison In Japan women’s vaginas are treated as though they are men’s property The trains here usually display pornographic advertisements As a woman I find that blatant objectification to be humiliating I’m disgusted by it My body belongs to meSo with this project I wanted to release the vagina from the standard Japanese paradigm Japan is lenient towards expressions of male sexuality and arousal but not so for women When a woman uses her body in artistic expression her work gets ignored and people treat her as if she’s some sex-crazed idiot It all comes back to misogyny And the vagina is at the heart of itThe vagina is ridiculed It’s lusted after Men don’t see women as equals—to them women are just vaginas Then they call my vagina-themed work “obscene” and judge me according to laws written by and for men x She plans to turn her trial in to a manga comic She seems pretty sure she’s not going to do any jail time but if you’d like to help her pay for her inevitable fine and court fees you can check out her online store There are little glow in the dark vagina characters Wow I’ve seen this reblogged a ton of times without seeing the whole going to jail part Here’s a recent article about her from July of 2017 It looks like she did some brief time in jail and is currently still working on this artistic effort as well as trying to raise awareness about a new terrorism law and the jailprison system in Japan Reblogging again for the updates! I went from “wow why” to “YES GIRL” in 2 min Viva la vulva Meme

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