Keiko @LawyerGirIMiami Having kids without being both financially and mentally prepared to raise them is child abuse Tats Nkonzo @TatsNkonzo 9 Unpouplan opinion Having babies edition 0943 31119 Twitter for iPhone 4927 Retweets 112K Likes invincible-selfxmade-punk gabarsomali thejaystar13 gabarsomali So only the rich can have kids? The is literally eugenicism but okay Everyone commenting on this says it’s Eugenics but what the post said was financially prepared not rich As in if you’ve factored a child into your life and made the appropriate financial and life sacrifices it’s okay Some poor people take better care of their children than wealthier people because they were willing and ready to put aside whatever it took to raise their child no matter what hardship they themselves will face this actually incorporates both the mental and financial aspects of being ready to have a child Whether you’re rich or poor if you haven’t made a plan or set aside funds for your child it’s unfair to the child Even if your preparation is making sure you’re on welfare gathering food stamps and stocking up on free supplies it’s enough to raise a child just make sure you’ve prepared and are ready to do anything for that child that’s a really good point thank you for explaining! The dumbest thing I’ve ever been told when trying to explain why I didn’t want kids was this“If you wait until you’re ready you’ll never have them Sometimes you just have to do it anyway”No Literally no I do not Meme







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