jylljylljyll watart velvet74sub simiperfect theladyjanedoe asubmissiveview lessonsintrance dreamytigergirl kakaphoe rikzpt rikzpt konigstigerr unlimited-shitpost-works ima-fuckingt4ble my-little-ninja dasha-loses-it femburton i think about this a lot The guy got his life and career destroyed by his divorce cut him some slack he was also sexually assaulted by a man who could destroy his career protect him reblog if the man on the right is just as beautiful as the man on the left people grow old? like that’s a thing that happens? leave my guy alone This man deserves everything let him he happy Ok… This is what happened to Fraser -His wife ditched him and asked for 900k a year -He was sexually assaulted which he said kicked him into a deep depression -He stated that the stunts from the 3rd Mummy movie completely destroyed his body and he was in and out of the hospital for 7 years even having to get surgery to repair his vocal cords -He apparently blamed himself for all this which only worsened his depression This man has literally been through hell this past decade so please lets cut him some slack and wish him the best All this but also that picture on the right is a really bad paparazzi photo compared with a professional quality movie promo still No one looks good when some random person snaps you on the street regardless of who you are Compare with this image from the GQ article last February Proper lighting professional setting good angles etc The dude is 49 and has had a rough couple of decades but he’s still lovely to look at and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise Plus now he’s in Doom Patrol which makes me happy af And let’s not forget he was probably slightly to severely dehydrated to look that buff in he first photoAnd I’m so pleased he got work again he seems like a good sort and from the stealth pilot in Titans Doom Patrol looks like it should be good It shouldn’t even matter what he’s been through Body shaming of ANYONE is wrong ALL OF THIS Plus 2019 Brendan is still slaying so btfu This post keeps getting better and I’m here for it I love this whole thread The last time I saw this it was only at the first ‘cut him some slack’ part and it just progressively gets better each time Tavaly novemberben Meme


Being alone









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