Justino Mora @JustinoMora1 Hector Barajas a US veteran was deported in 2004 Today our dear friend Hector won his battle against the US government and will be allowed to return home become a US citizen and reunite with his family! Hector will be sworn in as a citizen on April 13th in San Diego Yass!! 💜🙌🏽😊 Via The San Diego Union-Tribune Hector Barajas who became the face and voice of deported veterans after his own deportation will be allowed to return to the place he considers home and become a US citizen Barajas burst into joyous tears seated on a couch Thursday afternoon in front of a large American flag as he read a document informing him that he would be sworn in as a citizen on April 13 in San Diego “Fourteen years man” Hector said his voice cracking “Oh my God this is great Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” “I’m coming home mom!” he added Barajas was honorably discharged from the Army in 2001 but struggled readjusting to civilian life He took a plea deal for a charge of shooting at an occupied car in 2002 Because of that conviction the government took away his green card and he was deported in 2004 after he finished a prison sentence “I made bad decisions” Barajas-Varela told the Union-Tribune last year about that time in his life “I put myself in that situation I wouldn’t put myself in that situation again” Barajas founded the Deported Veterans Support House known to many as “the Bunker” in 2013 to support deportees in Tijuana He became a leader in a push for legislative changes to help US military veterans who had not become citizens avoid deportation and to bring back those who were already removed He was born in Mexico but raised in Los Angeles from age seven Since he had a green card he was able to serve in the Army and was part of the 82nd Airborne Division from 1995 to 2001 At the time he thought he’d automatically become a citizen but that was not the case Members of the military are allowed to apply for citizenship with no waiting period They still have to fill out the paperwork and pass the tests Noncitizens who serve in the military are still at risk for deportation if they commit crimes that can cause the US to revoke their green cards Meme











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