Just wish you all the best how much you want to be with me when you barely know me has made iMessage Today 213 pm Wtf I was drunk and I didn't know someone was In there! Sorry if you felt that way! me super uncomfortable Hello beautiful! It was so good to see you last night! I hope you made it home safe babe! Let me know when your free to catch up and we can have a chat and go from there! You looked absolutely stunning last night x But the main thing that I really have an issue with is that you burst into the toilet when I was still in there I'm not sure how drunk you were but you didn't seem that sorry and you wanted to come in I was really creeped out by that You are crazy if you think that and I'll absolutely find someone that wants to be with me I never said you wouldn't find someone And also you didn't go oops! and shut the door you came in and you were trying to talk to me while I'm on the toilet I feel we had a bond as soon asI met you and for me I know if it's right or not! You seem an amazing girl and I definitely want to get to know you better! I hope we can work things out! Ps I'm no fuckboy! Lol I'm here for the long haul I know this may come across as confusing as we shared an Uber but the truth is I did not want to do that But I felt very pressured to be polite to you when I should have just said no thank you I really don't care anymore! I can't believe what you have written Anyway I just wanted to be clear about this so you know exactly why I'm saying thank you but I'm not interested Нey Well I was just being honest Would you rather I not be? I'm going to have to be straight with you here I appreciate that you're keen and what you've said sounds sweet But the intensity you were giving off to me last night about how much you want to be with me Sorry I'm sure you're a good guy in general but this is how I feel andI just wish you all the best I can't believe you think that! I am such a good guy and deserve IMessage о IMessage Message I can't believe you think that! I am such a good guy and deserve someone that wants to be with me! I was rejecting you and you are taking it badly I can get hot girls Honestly I'm not fussed Please don't put words in my mouth I never said that you weren't a good guy and I'm sure you'll find someone nice I expected an oh okay sorry understand from you Not a tantrum I just did not like what transpired last night and I thought it would be helpful to you to know why As I said wish you all the best This is my ex I'm not! I thought you were a really nice chick but now I think your crazy! Cool I can get hot guys? I don't understand why you're sending pictures of your exes but okay good for you I'm crazy for being honest? I think you are being extremely unreasonable Anyway as much as I'm floored by your angry responses I wish you all the best for the third and last time and have a nice Sunday I don't need drama in my life and what you are doing love is drama Delivered Lwasreiecting vou andvou are Message IMessage iMessage I decided to be honest with a guy who was being insanely creepy towards me last night at a party I thought it would be a good idea for him to know why I was saying no to him and so that he could address his behaviour According to him I’m the “crazy” one😑 Meme







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