Juliana Sabo Can y'all believe we're actually living the plot of the Harry Potter series right now? 1155 AM-29 Jan 2017 Juliana Sabo JulianaSabo 10m The evil returned but the older generations refused to acknowledge it until it was too late Juliana Sabo JulianaSabo 8m The resistance is predominantly led by teenagers & young adults who were gnored ridicuied & looked down on Juliana Sabo @JulianaSabo 5m The government who said never again turned a blind eye and was infiltrated by Death Eaters ie Alt-Right aka Nazis Juliana Sabo JulianaSabo 4m Teen Vogue is essentially The Quibbler printing the truth while The Daily Prophet continued to print fluff Juliana Sabo JulianaSabo 3m If you're wondering why young people were so opposed to Trump from the beginning it's because WE ALREADY READ THIS STORY <p><a href=httpstherockingrepublicantumblrcompost164566313225libertarirynn-tldr-i-cant-tell-fiction-from class=tumblr_blog>therockingrepublican<a><p> <blockquote><p><a href=httpslibertarirynntumblrcompost164560601004tldr-i-cant-tell-fiction-from-reality class=tumblr_blog>libertarirynn<a><p> <blockquote><p>TlDr “I can’t tell fiction from reality”<p><blockquote> <p>The funniest part of this is them thinking Teen Vogue is the most reliable source of news <p><blockquote> <p>My favorite part is how she seems to think people are wondering why young people have been against Trump all along Like no honey you&rsquore not that special No one gives a shit<p> Meme

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