Joumal of Archaelogical Scisce Repors 27 2019 102002 Contents lists available at ScienceDireet Journal of Archaeological Science Reports ELSEVIER journal homepage wwwelseviercomlocatejasreps Experimental replication shows knives manufactured from frozen human feces do not work Mean TEren Michelle R Bebber James D Norris Alyssa Perrone Ashley Rutkoski Michael Wilson Mary Ann Raghanti Deparmen of Anh Knt Suw Uveity Kn ON 44242 USA Department of Anchaneg Cleveland M of Nunrd Hry Ceeland ON 44306 SA ABSTRACT The ethnographic account of an Inuit man manufacturing a knife froes his own froa feces to butcher and disarticulate a dog has permeated bom literature and popular culture To evalate the validity of this claim we tested the basis of that account via esperimental archanology Our experimer functionality of knives made from human feces in controlled conditions that provided opeimal conditions for soccess However they were not function research has shown foragers to be technelogically resourceful innovative and savvy we soggest dthat this ethnographic account shold no longer bes that narrative snow Every effort to get out that he tried failed Final seeing dog's excrement frozen solid as a rock So Freuches his hand shaped it into a chisel and waited for it to fr then used the implement to free himself from the snow bowels and from the excrement I managed to fashion a strument which I left to freeze At last I decided to try m worked Freuchen 1953 179 While tools manufactured from human feces are not w in the human technological record Chen et al 2018 Persson and Higers 2018 Tran-Thi et al 2017 we w that Freuchen's account can serve as support for the Ins Introduction In his book Shadows in the Sun Davis 1998 20 recounts what is ow arguably one of the most popular ethnographic accounts of all me There is a well known account of an old Inait man who refused to move into a settlement Over the objections of his family he made plans to stay on the ice To stop him they took away all of his tools the midst of a winter gale he stepped out of their igloo de and honed the feces into a frozen blade which he sharpened ray of saliva With the knife he killed a dog Using its rib two reasos sled and its hide to harness another Poop Knife Level Inuit Meme











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