Joey Saladino O @JoeySalads · 25 Sep If Trump gets impeached I will donate my Left testicle to medical research You can quote me on this t7 748 957 3583 Trevisaurus Rex @Trevisaur · 23s Pay up you piss-drinking nazi littlebabypubert threadzless aphony-cree bscully swevicki dude-its-liz libertybill Ok but damn you gotto give it to him dude actually did it Bullshit He didn’t He’s pulling a PR stunt right now From a quick googling national testicle association doesn’t exist anywhere Most hits track back to news articles to this subject matter but there is NO actual association with that exact name Did all these fucks who created their clickbait articles around the web even bother to check…? “Sincerely Dick N bawls”? Lol seriously tumblr are you this gullible everyone can take a picture of them wearing a oxygen tube especially if it doesn’t seem to connect to anywhere = normally a oxygen device or similar should be next to his bed They can be detached to the main tube leaving only the piece that wraps around your your earshead that’s exactly how that photo looks like I should have taken a pic like that last time I was in the hospital just to bullshit people on social media lmao Also this Where’s that Testicle Association you’re speaking of? That NTA logo on the letterhead is from the Nutritional Therapy Association x If you expected a nazi to act with integrity you haven’t been paying attention This website is sooo fucking unbelievably stupid imagine needing an entire dissertation to understand that this neo-nazi did not actually donate his left testicle to the “National Testicle Association” and produce a document signed by a real man named Dick N Bawls Meme







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