@JLPtalk Aug 24 Jesse Lee Peterson Candidate Michigan city should be as white as possible Candidate Michigan city should be as white as possible MARYSVILLE Mich AP A city council candidate in Michigan said Friday she has no plans to end her campaign after shocking a public apnewscom t 49 11 243 @JLPtalk Aug 24 Jesse Lee Peterson Nothing wrong or racist with what the woman said She wants a majority white and no foreigners in her community If you've ever been to Detroit or Muslim run Dearborn you'd feel the same If this is still America she has a right to free speech and to choice Right? 12 305 t 51 Jesse Lee Peterson God Bless Ms Jean Cramer I'll probably have her on my show I don't sense @JLPtalk Aug 24 any hate She sounds like an older person with common sense trying to make her community great she doesn't want crime and poverty IT'S OK TO BE WHITE YALL! 14 286 t 40 @JLPtalk Aug 24 For the record I'm as black as the Ace of Spades andI want my community and America to remain majority white--the whiter the better! also Jesse Lee Peterson believe it's best for people to marry within their own race #makewhitebabies t 225 48 783 Jesse Lee Peterson @JLPtalk Aug 24 Whites built America--the greatest nation on this side of Heaven Whites in the West practice Christianity they believe in rule of law and justice and they try to treat ALL people fairly No other decent and civilized group like them 51 t 156 593 Jesse Lee Peterson @JLPtalk The woman said she has no issues w blacks And It doesn't matter what else she said her speech is protected under the Constitution! Blacks and Hispanics oppose gentrification to keep whites out is that racist? 354 PM Aug 24 2019 Twitter Web App 285 Likes 44 Retweets I have no words Meme











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