Jennifer Medina @jenniferjmedina Yup looks about what was expected Steven Pruitt has made nearly 3 million edits on Wikipedia and writtern 35000 original articles all for free CBSNEWSCOM Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia George @geochirper this tweet is fucking horrible this man is literally providing the world with free knowledge and you think criticising his appearance is funny? Fuck you lesbiansandpuns naamahdarling infowarts infowarts wormbabie concretecatholic celticpyro positive-memes People should thank this man Sorry Jennifer not everybody can look like Chris Evans while doing a huge service to the general public Anyway this guy is amazing Did you see the video? He has such a glowing personality and his eagerness to share knowledge is infectious some people will take any chance they can to dehumanize fat people theres also been a motion to write more articles about women because the gap in articles about men vs articles about women is astronomically huge and he’s written hundreds or thousands of them and is a huge proponent of this he’s done a lot of great work and he spends countless hours a day researching things so that we have access to that knowledge he’s a hero he doesnt do it for money either tho apparently his regular job also involves research but he does this purely because he believes in how important it is for information to be free he’s done 600 articles on women as a part of this push for more He looks like a nice guy and I know people like to sneer at it but Wikipedia is a good ACCESSIBLE starting point for learning about things so like haters can fuck all the way off “How much money do you make from this?”“None” “So why do you do it?” “The idea of it making it all free fascinates me My mother grew up in the Soviet Union So I’m very conscious of what it can mean to make knowledge free To make information free” how can you hear that and think anything other than that this is a brilliant kind generous man Meme


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