jayofolympus valsore silver-millennial mandalorianreynolds icantwritegood 3hunnitcreditscore chantosakura cliomancer bunjywunjy rjzimmerman From the Facebook pages of Project CoyoteClassic Cars USA Last week on my way to work in the early morning a coyote darted in front of my car and I hit it I heard a crunch and believed I ran over and killed it Upon stopping at a traffic light by my work a construction woman notified me that there was in fact a coyote still embedded in my car When I got out to look this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me I notified Alberta fish and wildlife enforcement right away who came to rescue him Miraculously he was freed and had minimal injuries despite having hitched a ride from Airdrie to Calgary at highway speeds! Their biologist checked him over and gave him the good to go They released him in Kananaskis Clearly mother nature has other plans for this special little guy!-Georgie Knox FOOD CHAIN BABYYYyYyy Plot-essential NPC I’m dying at the fact that he looks only like…mildly perturbed and inconvenienced by this at most “Well shit this is not how I expected to spend my day” the coyote on the highway like I feel slightly bad for laughing so much… But uh luck of a Trickster God indeed The roadrunner got away this time Anyone can accidentally hit an animal But you FUCKING STOP TO CHECK ON IT Maybe it´s not dead Maybe it´s injured and needs help maybe he´s suffering What the fuck is wrong with people! Not funny not funny at all Sometimes it’s just not feasible to stop If you’re on the highway or somewhere else where it would be dangerous to stop then you just have to keep going and hope the animal is okay Meme











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