Jamie McKelvie @McKelvie Follow Ah yes he's right the ratings have dropped to *checks notes* their highest since the Tennant years Jeremy Vine On 5JeremyVineOn5 Has Doctor Who become too politically correct? Ratings have dropped with fans complaining the story lines including a man giving birth are just too PC Do GIF 1238 PM- 9 Nov 2018 3249 Retweets 12491 Likes aurordream The average rating for Peter Capaldi’s last season was 58 million viewers No episode that season rated above 668 million - and that rating was for the season premiere That season featured the only two episodes to rate below 5 million viewers EVER since Doctor Who was revived in 2005 The season before that the average rating was 620 million That was the first season since 2005 not to have a single episode rate over 7 million viewers Every season before that had an average rating in the 7 millions except for season 4 in 2008 which averaged 842 million Incidentally that was David Tennant’s last full season and the final full season before the Moffatt years Whilst the ratings have only been announced for 4 episodes so far not a single episode of Jodie Whittaker’s first sesason has fallen below 8 million viewers The average rating so far has been 915 million Its true that it is unlikely the average will stay that high - ratings have technically been dropping week by week Exactly as happened every season in the past - it is perfectly normal for ratings to fall towards the middle of a season and rise again for the finale A lot of the media will just do anything to discredit this season because they can’t handle the fact the Doctor is female now Meme









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