isei-silva You know that friend I was RPing with our PredatorsYautja? Oh yeah we’re deep in worldbuilding baby While we know that Predators are often presented in their hunting armor and gear I like to see it as a practical set much like our modern human combat armor is It’s light it’s tough it’s sleek and does what it needs to do But back in Yautja Prime we’ve allowed their natural culture and social structures to rise based on what we do know of canon lore so far Keep in mind that no major species’ civilizations are the same across its entire planet and set in stone Much like we find VAST diversity in human culture depending on location social structures history religions mythos etc… We have to allow Yautja the same courtesy Meaning that some areas of Yautja Prime may reflect one aspect of their culture more strongly others may favor another Some may be more down to earth and wordly others more technologically inclined and modern Blood Hunt and Honor are the canopy of a very old tree rooted by long branching roots Above are the Honor Guard for the Council of Matriarchs and the Council of Elders The Matriarchs tend to mostly on-world matters the Elders to off-world matters This is based on a belief called the Three BloodsFrom the RP”The Council of Matriarchs dealt with on-world matters because females were the First Blood of any yautja Blood of the womb Males dealt with off-world matters because they were often a yautja’s Second Blood the blood of battle and the hunt All yautja spent their entire life proving themselves for their next Blood First to survive after the womb violent and uncertain and marked with danger outside of their control Then through strict discipline and training to become Blooded and spill their own upon their brow to make their mark The First and Second Blood It was then the responsibility of both Councils to ensure that all yautja could earn their Third Blood - the blood of death The Third Blood was not judged by Elders or Matriarchs but by the gods”I designed the Honor Guard to reflect Native Middle and South American culture as a quiet nod to the original Alien versus Predator 2004 movieWe hope you enjoy! Meme











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