In real life Gaiman and Pratchett did a radio interview when the book came out and slowly realized that the interviewer wasn't aware that the book was fictional and thought they were a couple of religious kooks writing about what they thought would be the real apocalypse They spent the rest of it viciously trolling him your memory I said 'What is it you need to know?' begins Gaiman wryly He said 'Well you remember we were on the Good Omens author tour in February 1990' He said 'We were in New York and we went to that ABC affiliate radio station and the interviewer had not actually read the book So when we started telling him about Agnes Nutter we started explaining about this 17th century witch who all of her predictions were true He did not realise this was fictional We realised he had not read the book and the engineers in the control room behind the glass panel who we could see and he could not were lying on their backs kicking their legs against the walls kyraneko katy-133 mirrorfalls katy-133 If anyone ever finds a copy of this 1990 New York radio interview for Good Omens’ book tour please let me know immediately Because it’s bound to be hilarious The original source for this was a 1991 Locus interview with Gaiman Stay tuned for more details… Oh my gosh “He didn’t know enough to stop us” is the best sort of situation ever Meme





New York






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