imbrium-mare hating-alison-ashley girlwhowantedtobegod salad-chan dizzymoods Chaplin met Lita MacMurray when she was 12yrs old He got her pregnant during the filming of The Gold Rush when she was 15 He fired her from the set and tried forcing her to have an abortion Years after covering that disgusting situation up at the age of 54 he married Oona O’Neil who had just turned 18 It’s absolutely disgusting how these men use their money fame and influence to silence their victims & we can only guess at the number of young girls we will never know about who have been targeted by these demons This whole “seperate the art from the artist” bs has kept such criminals protected from the scrutiny of law We need to accept that art cannot cover up crimes and that in want of better art we cannot let criminals do better crimes and people brush this off and pretend it’s not reality all the time people are fucking spineless it’s pathetic but even more than that it’s disgusting stop letting pedophiles be “normal” stop letting pedophiles be “great” children’s safety matters Every ‘brilliant’ pedophile who is punished and removed from society allows someone else more worthy to take his place It also gives his victims a chance to do great things insteadWe would have more brilliant artists and creators not fewer if the pedophiles weren’t allowed to flourish They’d be a different demographic - one that men can’t use to give tacit approval to their own misdeeds Unpopular opinion but the life and dignity of children is more important than your favorite movie or singer or whatever Sure the idea that getting rid of a pedophile “allows someone else more worthy to take his place” is really reassuring to the masses but that should not be your priority You shouldn’t have to gain something from putting a child molester behind bars to put a child molester behind bars The very idea that we are making society a safer better place for our kids and modeling correct behavior should be enough It needs to be enough or else men like this will never be brought to justice Meme











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