Imaan Sheikh @sheikhimaan POC *jokes about white people not seasoning their food and not having rhythm* White people Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have l've been protested and demonstrated against dirkapitated-yet-again jlongbone sophisticatedfangirling thewolfman1995 cheshireinthemiddle livbiv17 mizumanta livbiv17 mizumanta livbiv17 livbiv17 raychjackson lmao yo OMG SO RELEVENT Reblogging AGAIN 😩 You know having unseasoned food is an actual thing in japan “Simple flavors” is part of Japanese food culture No seasoning or just salt I think we should mock japanese people too Generalize them as having no taste or ability to cook And laugh at them if they say it’s racism or childish The difference is white people colonized—raped stole and destroyed—other cultures for these seasonings…that they don’t even use ☺️therein lies the irony Also…not the point of the post…the point is making fun of white people’s weird shit does not equal racism I said what I said ¯_ツ_¯ So staaahp trolling and go read a book maybe Lady i have 2 degrees on this I literally have walls of books on the history of food White people didnt rape colonize steal or destroy anymore than the Chinese did And i doubt you would be okay saying this about Asians People tended to use less seasoning back ghen because food was bred and grown differently Things like chicken and beef had way more natural flavor so additional seasonings werent really needed In fact for some places seasonings were typically used by the poor who were left with bad tasting scraps Other places had them solely for the rich since non native spices were incredibly expensive Just like with Japanese culture food culture in European cultures are often rely on tradition Traditional methods are used even if obsolete from newly available ingredients It’s why old traditional methods of wine and cheese making are still used today In fact simple flavors and limited seasonings are available in a large amount of African dishes The whole “white people dont season their food” stereotype originated in the US and is clearly wrong since European immigrants brought over tons of well seasoned and loved food like pizza sausages gyros literally a ton of well known french dishes I mean most southern cuisine came from French immigrants and African slaves and paid servants who at the time didnt even have access to most spices simply copied those The only real nuance is the addition of peppers and things like nutmeg and corn originating in the americas which European immigrants had already been using in their recipes Actual soul food that can be entirely credited to African Americans is limited The point is that the caricature of white people’s cooking being unseasoned is a very real part of reality for other cultures Japan prides its traditional food with simplistic flavors As in minimal or no seasoning So any mocking you have for white people equally if not moreso applies to the Japanese You clearly don’t think it’s okay to say these same things to Asians so it is clear that it isnt the action itself that you have a problem with but the race doing it Youre a racist You think just because you mr opinions are popular and other bad activists are on your side that you are in the right I think we know from history that a popular opinion isnt always the right one I’ve seen how you reply to other people who disagree with you and it is so childish You just tell them to read a book or go to a library without considering their knowledge on the subject I am here to tell you that i am much more knowledgable than you are on this subject You are just making up stuff to excuse the fact that you dont like white people httpswwwnprorgsectionsthesalt20150326394339284how-snobbery-helped-take-the-spice-out-of-european-cooking I literally cannot make this shit up lol 😂 your degrees are obviously for naught Alsothe British and Europe DID colonize these areas…which included the aforementioned atrocities Not racist Just have a grasp on history Get one How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking I dont think you even read this It clearly states that while Indians and it only relies on indians not the mentioned Japanese or really any other Asian country focus on curry while Europeans often focused on gravies and sauces Italian sauces for instance relied on fresh herbs not spices while French sauces relied more on stocks Once dried peppers came over many countries used paprika to season their stews and others regularly used rosemary bayleaf thyme and pepper It’s really odd that you would compare any country’s use of spice to India’s Essentially anyone’s would use less spice in comparison In fact as shown in the link India is known for contrasting flavors using odd spice combinations that most countries including non european would never use It doesnt really prove your point It just shows that you really dont understand how these things work Your grasp of history is poor because according to your other posts you actually think white people invented racism You keep mentioning atrocities Europeans committed and act like they are the only ones who did them which gives you permission to be racist You are the one who doesnt understand history And you do not understand food culture among European countries You are just driven by stereotypes and opinion peices Hungarian paprika chicken Beef bourguignon Roasted gyro meat Just because they dont have spice blends with 30 components like many indian masalas doesnt mean they arent seasoned As someone who has made these dishes and many others from various countries and as someone with more education on the subject I am here to tell you that you are wrong misonformed and racist “the difference between white people and japanese people is that white people colonized raped stole and destroyed japanese people didn’t” sometimes i don’t even know what to say to shit like that i… i can’t “HAHA WYPIPO TAKE JOKES SO SURIUS!” *later* “the difference between white people and japanese people is that white people colonized raped stole and destroyed japanese people didn’t““ the difference between white people and japanese people is that white people colonized raped stole and destroyed japanese people didn’t Yes Hello Korea and China both wanna have a word with you Lmaoooo imagine denying Japanese colonialism Like holy shit some of that happened in living memory Meme











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