im ten thousand pounds of BABEY ham-of-war inthegrimdarkness ask-the-crimson-king smolcatachan Huh That would make him about 5 tons 2000lbs = 1 ton But the Blue Whale has been cited to weigh up to 200 tons Which this meme makes Magnus featherweight in comparison to the mighty Blue Whale Putting into pounds the Blue Whale can weigh 40000lbs Now the Blue Whale can vary from 82ft to 105ft which sounded like it’d be comparable to Magnus So I went and did a size comparison based on this picture between a Space Marine at 8ft and Magnus at 82ft and the comparison matched up to the picture So basically what I’m saying is that this meme grossly underestimates the majestic glory of all that is Magnus and must be corrected promptly…Please D In this picture that holds up to a degree but it is known that Magnus’ height can vary greatly So he could weigh 5 tons but it could depend on his height and I imagine the actual density of the Warp matter that makes up most of his form In the picture of him fighting Guilliman at Luna his height is much shorter than 82ft If Guilliman is ~115ft tall that would put Magnus at… … approximately 20ft tall plus or minus a potential foot or two since both of them seem to be crouching I also made a weight calculation based on BMI though it is most likely not going to be too accurate since our big red nerd here is as I said also comprised of Warpstuff If he is 20ft tall he should weigh 15k-2k pounds If he was 82ft tall he should weigh 25k-34k pounds So while this meme is still inaccurate with the original picture the blue whale comparison is not exactly a good one either if these calculations are to be believed Magnus is also a daemon of Tzeentch and shifts his form constantly a truly accurate number is impossible Babey is a constant tho Meme











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