I'm so done with trying to have sex at this 3557 school NSFW selfUIUC nsfw 190 comments UIUC 12 months ago by NovemberVictim I've been on tinder for a while since I've gotten here and it's been pretty lame I started talking to this one dude and we've been on a couple dates and he's really cute Last night l invited him to my appartment We made out and then I started to make dinner for us I felt like I was eating too much and Isaid Sorry my period makes me feel like I'm starving He was just like no worries and we started talking about the weather I said it's so gross It makes me feel gross and he was like I feel a little gross too Let's take a shower So we're in the shower making out and I tell him You know my shower is too small to be fucking in but I can still get on my knees And he's just like nah no thank you And I was really confused but I just said okay We dried off and layed in bed and kissed and I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to do and he's like no just kissing you and holding you is amazing He was really sweet but I kinda felt like a hoe That was the rest of our night until he had to get on the bus I talked to him later via snapchat after he left I asked him if he enjoyed our time together and asked if I was too forward He asked me have you heard of no nut November and so I'm fucking dead you guys It’s that time of the year Meme











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