im-a-tnuc I don't know why but I think some Americans don't realise how big the UK American Customer you're English right? Do you know the bookshop between Wales and Bristol that has lots of books in? Me in my head yeah mate I know that one Classic Love to pop down there orn a cheeky break between work Whata wanker lizq-vs-the-kitkatuprising the continuous 48 states are is almost 39x the size of the isle of great britan that's your answer For reference United Ger That's JUST Texas pukicho When will the UK learn that they are puny little ants in which to be crushed??? toastpotent where's that post where the british person was like oh yeah i only get to see my dad 2-3 times a year because he lives so far away and a person asked oh no how far away is he? and the british person said 75 minutes regularlesbian Condit op it literally takes about 20 minutes to get to wales from bristol op that's a reasonable question do you understand geography amandabel1 man leave europe alone you fucking colonizers darkvioletcloud It takes my mom an hour to drive to work Sometimes more Europeans are cowards armchair-factotum Leave Europe alone you fucking colonizers Should we tell them? keyhollow I drove 6 hours just to pick someone up and bring them home because it's nbd Sorry I'm still stuck on Leave Europe alone you colonizers advice-animal Tumblr learns geography Meme


Being alone









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