IF IT DOESNT CHALLENGE YOU IT WONT CHANGE YOU OMILLIONAIRE MENTOR There’s this famous quote that many of you already heard before If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t change you ☝️️Of course since every one of us has room for improvement this can also mean if you don’t change yourself then you can’t be responsible for changing your situation in life You can never see any improvement in your life if you stick to your comfort zone ✔️Learn a new language Chines Dutch Nihonggo French Filipino Mandarin Spanish etc these are just some of the languages you can discover as you strive to challenge yourself ✔️Figure out what you’re scared of and do it for one week consistently If you’re in sales and you’re scared of talking to people personally or over the phone then you have a problem You can’t just relate with your clients online can you? Now instead of crippling in fear and automatically thinking you’ll fail spend at least five minutes a day to pick up the phone and make a call to a prospect Yes it’s scary But you will get through it! ✔️Dedicate at least nine minutes a day for physical exercise You don’t need to go to the gym you know A simple 9-minute run around your neighborhood or an intense dance routine done in your living-room can do wonders for yourself Aside from the obvious reason that exercise can help you maintain your regular weight or shed those unnecessary pounds it can also aid in making you feel better about yourself by releasing endorphins If you feel good you do good ✔️Make a realistic budget and find out how you can cut back on something so you can invest more Challenge yourself to step out of your current budget and develop a better budget for yourself Money management is not about what you make – it’s what you do with what you make ✔️Attend one career-related seminar a month Don’t settle for your current job position Aim high in your career Of course with that aim include in your action too millionairementor fridayvibes hustle grind Meme











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