I was waiting for my flight and the place was a bit crowded and no seats were available at the gate So I sat on the floor reading a book just waiting to board I noticed a women looked in her early 50s was looking at me I noticed her look several times I decided to just ignore her and keep busy reading my book After like 10 mins the woman approached me with a warm smile on her face and holding a bottle of water She asked me if I want some water I didn't want to be rude so I took the bottle and thanked her for her kindness After another 10 or 15 mins she came back again but this time she asked if she can join me She sat beside me on the floor and we started chatting with each other But then she started asking me what I felt a weird set of questions She asked me how am I doing ? If I already had lunch or not ? If I have a place to stay in while traveling? And other questions that felt really weird and personal She even asked me if I have enough money for my trip After some time of talking together she grabbed her purse and showed me a pic It was a pic of her son that she lost in a car accident 6 months ago He was at my age and surprisingly he looked like me There was very close resemblance between me and him Then I realized why she was asking all those what I thought weird questions She was just a mom who misses her son I noticed her looking at me several times Meme











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