I was adopted from China when I was less than a year old Growing up my brother and I got along well We often wondered why we looked different from each other mom me our parents always told us I was from another country where other people look different to a white family on the east coast of the United States I had a brother who was 16 months old The teachers never really did anything about it Throughout grade school the guys always made fun of me for looking different They would usually try not to laugh and tell me to ignore the others asking why my eyes are slanted or how am I able to see anything I was one out of 2 Asians in my entire school High school was worse because that was the time guys started really noticing girls and vise versa My brother tried to stick up for me but it got difficult because hanging around me made him not cool Hoping that people would stop making fun of me like in grade schoo boy was I wrong Embarrassment in front of girls too I understood I didn't want him to have a bad time at school at my expense The few people who were my friends I was never afraid to try and be social with other people But people would only really talk to me if they needed help on homework Since I'm Asian they thought I knew everything about school I never really liked school or was really good at it I got average grades 9 never asked me to do anything and left me out of everything The few times I did see them outside of school although we had a lot of fun they never thought to invite me back T also tried asking girls out and to events like My brother always was able to get a date Girls didn't automatically give him the cold shoulder like me prom Ew an Asian And I would always get the cold shoulder without really getting a chance to even talk to them first At this time I had no idea how often this will happen to me in the future I still didn't think too much about it I hoped somedayI would get a girlfriend College was way worse for me For slightly different reasons than gradehigh school Similar events like these continued By the time senior year came after all the ridicule belittling and rejections I just preferred to be alone Guys didn't make fun of me for being Asian anymore for the most part but they didn't see me as their equal either I never really found it hard to be social with others Even though I preferred to be alone This way I didn't have to put up dealing with other people Practically all the girls I encountered generally had the same attitude However trying to find a girlfriend Youre not um my fype Ching chong Smui Ew! Penis I never really understood why I always kept good care of myself dressed decently and presented myself well never hit me so hard as it did in college I always dreamed what it would be like to have a girlfriend and how my life would be so much better Being by myself I didn't have to put up with these things I pretty much enjoyed being by myself Nobody gave me crap about being Asian online There was no way for them to know My only language is English so people can't tell I'm Asian from only hearing me speak I started to think why do girls seem like they automatically dislike me before they have a chance to know me I could tell it was really hard for him to tell me Asian Since the start of college I had less contact with my brother We both lived away from home but he was in different classes Asian that the majority of women do not like Asian males We were still located in the east US Due to the vast stereotypes and portrayal in American media which is okay to do He admitted he tried hooking me up in high school however the girls didn't want to date an Asian guy During one of our visits I decide to tell him about my experiences so far at college and the trouble I was having trying to find a girlfriend Chin chong Smal Ew! fenis I spent a lot of time thinking over what my brother said and how previous interactions with women went Majority of the time they acted real cold towards me before giving me the chance to get to know me Heck often girls would try to increase their distance from me or make it real obvious they were trying to ignore me I never really thought they were treating me this way solely because I was Asian But come to think of it most of them didn't even give me the slightest chance I wouldn't even get to finish one sentence before getting rejected even if I wasn't trying to ask them out or anything like that Fall semester of my Junior year a Korean student moves into the dorm down my hallway After getting to know him more we realized we were having the same type of problems with women Turns out he moved from Korea when he was 9 He internal transfered from one of our other campus locations He was one of the few who treaded me like an Both of us were kissless virgins who never had a girlfriend He explained to me that women did not like Asian guys as well Similar to what my brother told me equal person It was safe to say I liked him immediately It seemed like most of the women are not looking for Asian guys The few that we found were either hundreds of miles away offline forever and even some located all the way in Canada over 400 miles from our location We even tried online dating since it became more and more popular She's lookin For Race white 2 Other bluck hiseanic Asain mideasternA but we were in for an unpleasant surprise After graduation we went our separate ways We got real busy senior year Lots of senior projects to finish before graduation This distracted our minds about women temporarily We both hoped our lives would take a turn for the better after graduation My co-workers still seemed like they thought of me as a less than equal to them Tended up with a decent job Now that I was finished with school and living on my own I hoped that I could finally fill in the empty spaces in my life t was subtle not explicit like during school Ew Trying to find a girl was still the same Small Ldon't like Asan guys Even a lot of Asian women had the same opinion Ching Chong Ling Long Ting T moved to America J don't have to be forced to ate n Asion guy I still dream about finding a girlfriend Someone who is a great match that can be part of my life This would happen on a regular occasion I was still the happiest being by myself Every time stuff like this happens it feels like a small part of me dies inside As time went on my co-workers would announce they were getting married getting engaged and having their first child But in reality I keep thinking there is no match for me I'm going to be a Aaday It hurts knowing I may never be able to experience these things in my life People would always ask why I'm still single I try to explain but get similar responses Still being by myself was better than having to put up with other people It was the only way I could find peace Using race as an exuuse Pathetic These responses mostly came from white fellows They never experienced how it felt to be a minority Things kept going this way It fet like my life was wasting away Everyone seemed to be living the dream About a year later my brother announced he was getting married and our parents would become grandparents I was truly happy for him But a large part of me died that day my Son ca iled me d-de fer the Firs time ! my davshter Finaily started waiking I would get awkward questions like when would I find a girl and give them grandchildren except me I was the only single guy in my building and my co-workers were in the same age group as I Most people are fortunate enough to find love in their lives Since life is not a fairy tale world there are few who are forever alone Like me Never had a girlfriend or my first kiss Sure there are other people as lonely as but for what reason? my love Far ya u is like diarchea I can barely hold it in! Ew Creep Sure actions hygiene clothes fitness and social skills can be worked on and improved with practice Sure it's one thing if I completely blew it with women because of my attitude or if I didn't take care of mysel But some things you cannot change Ew Asians are all Phe Same! They bam bed fear Harbor! my grand Father was Fissed!! but it really hurts when I get rejected because I'm Asian That is what I hate the most A lot of people just don't understand because it is something they never have to experience I just live my life alone At least it reduces the crap I have to put up with from other people that is just my life For those who are also forever alone out there I hope you find true happiness someday Hopefully you don't have the difficulty I face Maybe some day before I die I will find someone maybe OK Being an Asian male in the US Meme

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