I get a lot of people asking me why it is I write about faith They seem to think that because the title of the page is The Patriarchy it must be the cut-out of exactly what modern third-wave feminism has declared it to be I started writing this page because I wanted to show that that idea the notion that there once was a time when men ruled over women like despots and that women were these timid little mice who meekly submitted generation after generation to an unrepentant male tyranny is a lie It's a lie invented to justify the later stages of the feminist movement which has had to draw more deeply upon this mythos in order to justify their ever-more hysterical claims and demands My response to them is this page I'm trying to show that what came before the enlightenment was something which is best encapsulated by the word traditionalism Western traditionalism which is my focus in my view is a holistic weltanschauung that is the organic outcome of natural human development harmonised by the potent combination of Abrahamic monotheism Greek philosophy Celtic mysticism and the pagan Germanic warrior ethos It was this heady cultural cocktail which birthed peoples nations laws music and literature that led a numerically inferior people from a cold isolated peninsular on the western fringe of the Eurasian landmass to reach out and conquer more than 80% of the world Their languages are still borne upon the tongues of peoples who never set foot in Europe and their impression has been so great that now their descendants are obsessed and traumatised by the ill effects of that expansion That trauma is like a disease Like any other disease it has many symptoms Cultural Marxism The decay of complementary genders confidence in gender identity The abandonment of marriage followed by its orchestrated redefinition The obsession with hedonistic sexuality An utterly unrestrained materialism The death of beauty in art An unhealthy xenophilia combined with a sickly ethnomasochism A fixation on isms and the rise of the Social Justice Warrior SJW An unwillingness to reproduce An abandonment of faith Now this is my point Dealing with just one of them by itself is POINTLESS They're symptoms You attack them individually and you won't get better You MUST target them all in order to get at the nucleus of the malady So when you see people like Milo Yiannopoulos for instance attacking SJWs andor feminists yes it's useful but only in a limited way We could cut the head off that hydra and another would merely take its place On this page I'm trying to deal with every aspect of the problems we face from the political to the economic the cultural and aesthetic There wasn't a word that really encapsulated the Christian traditionalism which blossomed in Europe so I figured I would turn the concept of the Patriarchy back on those who used it solely as a pejorative Men loving and protecting their wives and children should never be scorned It was the very basis of our civilisation The fact that--for a variety of reasons--it is happening less and less is the black heart of the beast we must slay If we can't formulate a means by which we can smoothly transition back to a traditionalist way of life wherein men and women were shaped by their unique peoples cultures lands and the faith that united them without obliterating their other individualities in a way paganism could never do we will face a time of annihilation which will ultimately result either in our oblivion or rebirth Meme











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