I don't owe you any explanations why I'm not interested in you Oh ok well still like it either way Pretty hot Or do you have a reason Well thanks Why use defensive terms like that ? No no thank you I never demanded anything Jul 13 414 PM So can I ask what 3 main reasons We've talked very little for a day I don't feel I have to explain myself f saying no to you your not interested? Jul 13 438 PM I'm just not interested in y No No you don't but just you know maybe when having a conversation I'm just trying to get some feedback personable thing to do a more Your not interested in me but won't tell em why? That's all T Dot only accepts messages from friends T Dot only accepts messages from friends No one has to do anything of course Okay bud lol I don't think of mysel as high and mighty in the slightest nor do I get off to rejecting men online Must be a millennial thing to think of oneself to be so high and mighty and that if people persist in reas which you have none it seems That envoking your rights stead of having a discussion is really social acceptable so that you can off to think to yourself that I rejected someone oning to as a reason in I'm by far physically better looking and in better shape than you No doubt earn more money and have more experience than you 4 get Bye Good job I just feel that at 38 years old you should accept someone being not interested and move on with your lif instead of sending a long wall of text you're doing now I'm pretty open and laid back and pretty friendly to anyone that I talk to and willing to give anyone a chance as But if you want to get be arrogant let's go there T Dot only accepts messages from friends My first post featuring a nice guy! 38 years old and instead of taking a rejection he decided to give me a very long few messages on how my generation treats his generation this way not giving him specific reasons after having talked for 1 day Meme




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