I DONT HAVE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION I HAVE A DETAILED PLAN MILLIONAIRE MENTOR 2018 is around the corner and I’m sure many of you haven’t scratch off a single thing of your 2017 list And yes it pisses me off because many people are looking for “Change” but aren’t doing sh*t to make it happen - Do you have a plan for your life? Stop focusing on a “new year’s resolution” and start focusing on a life resolution a life PLAN If you’re like most people you feel like you can’t get time enough to get ahead of the game You spend most days just trying to react quick enough to keep your job your family and your marriage afloat The good news is that there is time for change 😉 In order to move forward and progress in life we must have vision but we also need a way to implement that vision so it can come to pass That means we need to create a plan Whether you’re managing a business or a family you can’t move forward or reach goals unless you have a plan A plan brings organization stability clarity and focus A plan will keep everyone moving in the same direction so that goals can be reached and the vision can be fulfilled If you don’t have a plan you’ll be stuck in maintenance mode running in circles and you’ll never increase - The vision is your destination and the plan is the roadmap to get you there 🔥 Take time to establish a plan for your business your family and your life What steps can you take to accomplish the vision in your heart for your business your family and your life? Comment below!👇 Get your *ss to work! - vision plan success millionairementor Meme







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