Human 1 BRAIN 2 FRONT Don't Eat although the brain seems fatty and tasty its no good gives you CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease basically kills your brain cells Unless you want to inherit the aura of your meal steer clear Eye Fillet best cut n on-working musele sits on the bowell Ribs Spare Ribs good eating -BBQ Cuts 1 Brain 3 BACK Neck diced 4 ARMS Fore Arm- 2 Frnthungarian goulash 3 Back tough meat -soup Shoulder- Blade Steak slow cook needs some work to make tender 4 Arms 5 Other Strip down the middle of Upper Arm- slow cook like lamb shanks the back loin all BBQ steaks Middle of Loin middle is the rib fillet or scotch fillet good eating 5 OTHER Lower Loin porterhouse steak or T-bone good cating Lungs full of iron 6 Legs Skin you can leave on crackling Lower back on either side of Loin muscles Rump need to shave the hair off though Nervous System carbohydrates rich 6 LEGS Below the knee-tough meat too sinewy working muscles stewing meat vegie slow cook Liver-Den't Eat Because we give our livers a good bash they are full of Vitimin A too much Vit A is toxic and can fuck you up-pretty much weakening your body making you throw up general bedy and head pains Thigh meat again working muscle slow cook-Osso Bucco Buttocks silverside or topside slow roast Mum's Sunday roast <p><a href=httpsome-nerd-actuallytumblrcompost161118853759sixpenceee-representing-what-human-meats-taste class=tumblr_blog>some-nerd-actually<a><p><blockquote> <p><a href=httpsixpenceeecompost161114881834representing-what-human-meats-taste-like-on class=tumblr_blog>sixpenceee<a><p> <blockquote><p>Representing what human meats taste like on different body parts<p><blockquote> <p>…how did they found out<p> <blockquote> Meme





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