HOW TO DRAW HIJAB @souratgar certified Muslim WHAT IS HIJAB? Hijab is a form of dress code in Islam Not only does it apply to women but it applies to men as well Hijab means dressing modestly covering your arms legs and wearing loose clothing There's a lot of different types of hijab! Here's the 3 main types somehimes the entire face is covereel @Souratgar HIJAB FOR THE SAKE OF SPACE WEL LOOK ONLY AT THO STYLE NIQAB BURQA Sometimes hijabis will wear a CHADOR over their hijab A chador is a fabric that hangs from your head it's almost like a superhero cape! Some Muslim women will wear chador while praying M SUPER They come in a lot of different designs and colours The most common colour is black Com FY However there are plenty of chadors that have beautiful floral designs The fabric used to make chadors is usually cotton @souratgar OKAY SO HOW DO I DRAN IT? It's very easy! Drawing a hijab requi res one skill knowing how fabric folds! And sometimes depending on how tight the hijab is there won't be many fabric folds! @souratgar MIX TIGHT LOOSE You can even design your own! The criteria for a hijab is - Covers ears neck and hair - *Has* to be worn with modest clothing no bikini armour sorry REMEMBER! To use references! But also if a hijiabi has a problem with your design or your drawing of a hijabi listen to them! You can always learn new things from others especially those you're trying to represent @souratgar THANKS GOOD LUCK kamikazevendetta souratgar I made an art tutorial on how to draw hijab and hijabis! Ahhhhh!!! Its so good!! Thank you lovely person for making this maybe ill finally get to see people dressed like me in art soon!! Also thank you for the note on the modest clothing- wearing a hijab isnt like choosing to wear a hat while how each hijabi wears it is different and totally up to her its frustrating to see it added on as an afterthought in media to gain representation points A large part of the reason many wear it is the lack of sexualisation it gives us so please keep that in mind! Meme









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