hovercrart IIfts huge welghts with altterentlal Pres Put more pressure than atmosphere pressure under it and it once again kicks this magic gravity's ass The submarine uses differential pressure Not a one of them use any anti- gravity device You are held pushed down Whole space industry is one Big big huge scam for billion and billions of your hard earned dollars Both tax and investment We didn't go to the moon Not 1 satellite or machine ever in space That Pesky White Hot Metal Melting SUN 27000000°F that is million 31 million at it farthest corona plus massive radiation They say that may be off by a factor of 10-120 lot of zeros But wait there is more we are going to throw in microwaves for free Come on Aluminum melts Supposed be in a vacuum so nothing To absorb that heat except for objects it hits Oh by the way where does that vacuum exhaust at? Wonder why this vacuum doesn't suck off our atmosphere to the ground level or pull anything off of earth at highest altitude? Nice sweet & friendly vacuum gets along with neighbors amazingly Space is not black and it's NOT full of stars The black is just earth's shadow that allows you to see a few twinkle twinkle little stars most are objects reflecting that white hot sunlight Orbiting the sun is fallacy January stars should be different from July stars shadow again and now on backside of sun Now are you really gonna say some people 3 or 6 got into an aluminum oven oh sorry capsule or shuttle aluminum melts at 1280° about the thickness of 3 sheets of aluminum foil you use at home stop using by the way aluminum bad for the body and went to the movie set oh l mean moon landed a lander got video of it guess dropped off film crew first or hired this god photography guy and retrieved that lander using a basic calculator multiple times missions? NASA can't prove any of it All CGI & set a photo taken in radiation is full of white spots and they have no atm to absorb any of it in space Put some aluminum in your microwave you should not use for anything but to heat water anyway Then turn on for a few seconds What happened ? Now add some meat tell us all what happens All the way to the moon without earths shield the atmosphere Space is also not black That is just shadow of earth Oh yeah we been here over 2 billion years nuclear reactor built in a mountain most likely way over 2 billion years Even have footprints in stone both small and huge ones Religion is 50000 years old A clay statue that was found 300 feet in the ground old approx 2 million years old Was of a woman is that real religion ? This god didn't build 1 thing to prove he was even here supposedly can create anything out nothing but nothing That moon that always faces earth from same side no matter where on earth you are You never see any other view of it anywhere in the world Seems kinda flat if take away glow remove glow in your mind it gives it depth thickness and a few formed lines crater marks Also it is 4 times larger than any known planets moon and all those craters are about same depth no matter size Also perfect size to block the sun Moves away from earth approx 1 34 a year opps sorry fairytale gravity loses again Try to find real stars tonight there are a few Then count those objects glowing from that pesky sun Cause in daytime sure doesn't look black even through up to 6200 miles of atmosphere to the top of exosphere Ask NASA news White House every space agency how a rocket get through that hydrogen layer? Now take a few days to forget every theory you been taught Every text book was written and approved by them Then they Drilled it into you and tested you on itbrainwashed your whole life Oh by the way all that tech is designed like everything else is to fail cost you big $ & harm or hurt all living things on earth Everything wants to exist Let's talk about your two way radio with tracking you carry Yes your phone A walkie talkie with tracking gps Radio is short for radiation wave 5G is short for microwaves and is not needed for data or phone use Hmmmmm? Time To restore earth surface and move back inside think caveman but much safer to be able to come out to enjoy If it gets cold or hot outside on earth but it stays same temp In the ground depending on depth Demand all plants be removed from the Unconstitutional government bans and demand they be replaced around the world The animals need them also Oh by the way two different objects do not fall at the same time or speed except when NASA puts it in a vacuum They still have a little bit of that atmospherics pressure couple of pounds to push it down if they took it all out it would just sit there and not fall Proving gravity does not exist 11 tons of atmosphere pushing down on just top of head and your shoulders while standing Theory of buoyancy that's another fallacy it's just differential pressure once again the atmosphere was at work Cause gravity should pull every boat to the bottom it is a fluid so why should this Imaginary gravity care about that It is held to the water by the pressure from above Yesterday at 457 AM See the evil 1280° DAILYCALLERCOM Bernie Sanders Says Abortion Will Help Fight Climate Change 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he support s and 3 others 9 Comments 1 Share Like Share Comment Baby killer! 2 Like Reply 1d Fake Where's the VIDEO? Stop believing headlines you morons Like Reply 2h it is the daily caller rag Like Reply 2h The Daily Caller is a conservative news and opinion website based in Washington DC It was founded by political pundit Tucker Carlson TUCKER FUCKING CARLSON YOU MORON If you think Tucker Carlson is interested in giving you actual news I feel really sorry for you Like Reply 2h they all Paid actors belongs to actors guild Like Reply 2h and here you are sharing bullshit from Tucker Carlson Well done! Like Reply 2h sure each and every person can use there own mind and decide for themselves You got a brain right? Like Reply 1h have a brain smart enough to know not to share bullshit from Tucker Carlson What's your next news source? Some bullshit from Sean Hannity? Like Reply 1h no my own research Please ask if you don't understand something You know theory means a good story supposition oh and try that imaginary scientific theory one Let's make a second theory to try to explain the first theory Sounds familiar Quantum & relativity No space travel ever No satellites except for balloon plane or just Triangulation of the towers land based and fiber optics land based they are your satellites Towers on top of mountains are another good one Point that disc upwards Your Phone is a Two way radio radiation wave or walkie-talkie with tracking gps It does not work off of 5G microwaves for data or phone service Fairytale Gravity or should I say the theory of gravity over 330 years old how long you gonna believe in make believe fairytales? Vacuum chamber proves gravity does not exist Now atmospheric Pressure removed in vacuum chamber that is real Proven in the vacuum chamber and also hence indentation on water Poke a hole in it and that pressure will push it to the bottom Now for those that do not understand the tides They are made by the heat of the sun Water contracts and expands as it cools expands or heats contracts Tides are that easy The moon pulls away from the earth about an 1 and 34 inches a year and the earrth pulls away from the sun the most massive object in the area by about 1 and 34 inches yearly what happened to gravitational pull 38 should be pulling us together not separating moon from earth from sun? disproves gravity Why did the apple drop from the tree? Not enough opposing pressure under it pushing back up more weight pressure is pushing down because of weight of the atmosphere 55 quadrillion tons of cohesive atmosphere They add more weight by spraying chemicals in it Approx 11 tons of atmosphere just on top of your head and shoulders while standing Plus all the chemicals added weight they are spraying in the skies Your neck hurt yet? That hovercraft lifts huge weights with differential Pressure Put more pressure than atmosphere pressure under it and it once again kicks this magic gravity's ass The submarine uses differential pressure Not a one of them use any anti- gravity device You are held pushed down Whole space industry is one Big big huge scam for billion and billions of your hard earned dollars Both tax and investment We didn't go to the moon Not 1 satellite or Like Reply 28m Write a reply Write a comment That seems like a reasonable response I guess he has a point Meme




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