hogwartsaheadcanon college-survivalguide xiphoidprocess witch-of-form draythebaemalfoy marvilcomicsrock sonianeverlime justdoitdaily-fitblr grilledcheese-samwich finals im actually speechless I actually did this for math finals For my English essay we were allowed a sheet of notes so I literally spent a week developing THE perfect essay and then summarising each paragraph into one line of shorthand in tiny writing 100% A* in US Government last year our teacher said we could have one notecard to use as a cheat sheet and gave us a whole packet meaning like 10 pages of things that would be on our test he said and i quote “there is no way to fit everything youre going to need on there so you better study” i fit every last piece of info on that card and didnt study at alli got an a moral of the story dont tell me what i can and cannot do before my midterm in Modern Physics my teacher told us a story about how one kid kept switching glasses during an exam he walked over and the kid had red glasses and blue glasses and kept switching between them because he wrote his notecard in red and blue ink he made a 3d note card y’all do realize that with the intense effort it takes to plan and create these sheets that you’re studying right? you’re totally studying love a TA The best way to study even if you can’t bring a cheat sheet is to make a cheat sheet and write everything you would write on one if you could have one It’s an awesome method! ‘but what you’re doing here is studying its still studying that exact thing you didnt want to do before…?’ ‘yeah but see this is powered by hubris and spite so like… it’s better’ Meme











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