Hi IM JOHN KIRIAKOU FREETHOUGHTPROJECT I EXPOSED THEILLEGALTORTURE TACTICS BEING USED BYTHECIADURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION TO THIS DATE IAM THE ONLY CIAAGENTTOGOTOJAIL OVER THE CIA's ILLEGAL TORTURE PROGRAM 💭 ‘Everythingwas a lie’ Former CIA analyst John Kiriakou on the agency deleting torture report 💭 REPORT The CIA’s Inspector General Office reportedly “inadvertently” deleted its only copy of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Torture Report but CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou tells RT that the American people shouldn’t believe what the agency says The “inadvertently” deleted copy contained 6700 classified documents on torture techniques used on prisoners by the CIA following the 9-11 terror attacks Only about 500 pages of the report were declassified and released by the committee chair Senator Dianne Feinstein D-California in December of 2014 Former CIA analyst JohnKiriakou who served time in jail for being the first to blow the whistle on the CIA’s use of waterboarding told RT he was not surprised that the agency is saying it had destroyed the copy Kiriakou was surprised however at the agency’s attempts to convince the committee that the erasure had been an accident “It is not an accident You can’t accidentally destroy a 6700 page document You cannot accidentally destroy the electronic copy especially when these documents are numbered There are only about a dozen that exist anywhere in the world” Kiriakou said “Someone would have to physically go into the safe in Office of the General Counsel pull out this document which comes in many parts it is so long it can’t sit by itself and take the time to physically destroy it It doesn’t make any sense It is not how the CIA works” he added - Continued - 💭 Read the FULL Report https-wwwrtcom-usa-343380-john-kiriakou-cia-torture- 💭 Join Us @TheFreeThoughtProject 💭 TheFreeThoughtProject 💭 LIKE our Facebook page & Visit our website for more News and Information Link in Bio 💭 wwwTheFreeThoughtProjectcom Meme


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