HH NEWS Dodge Announces Murica's Fastest Three-Row SUV With Six-Seat Durango SRT Via @carthrottlenews - If you desperately and regularly need to get three rows of people somewhere fast Dodge has your perfect solution - The Durango SRT is a six-seat 475bhp muscle monster that will hit 60mph in 44 seconds and smash the quarter-mile in 129 seconds despite sharing size and weight stats with an ocean liner Top speed isn’t confirmed yet - With a 61-litre Hemi V8 providing the power behind the practicality the hottest Durango will tow up to 39 metric tons as well as catapulting 12 clenched buttocks towards the horizon Peak torque is 470lb ft at 4300rpm - You’re not likely to miss it on the road courtesy of a wider body kit and lower ride height part of which are front and rear springs stiffened by three and 16 per cent respectively On the bonnet there’s a functional cold air intake and vents to improve cooling - Naturally it’s an automatic which seems fair enough in an SUV but there are now seven user-selectable drive modes for the driver to play with Switch to Sport Mode and shift times are 50 per cent faster than standard while up to 65 per cent of the V8’s freedom goes to the rear wheels - Manually down-shifting via the steering wheel-mounted paddles activates a rev-matching function to blip the throttle which is a good thing when the engine is attached to an exhaust specifically designed to be loud deep and beefy - As well as Sport Mode there’s Auto Snow Tow Eco no idea why and Valet which apparently changes the engine’s characteristics to mimic the V6 from the Charger locking out access to first gear and shifting earlier than normal Launch control and the paddle shifters are disabled - For some reason there’s even a Track Mode with 160-millisecond gear shifts and up to 70 per cent of the torque going to the rear axle Dodge promises a ‘pronounced rear-wheel drive experience’ - So if you like the idea of terrifying your wife children and children’s friends all at the same time this is the car for you Meme





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