Hey rme_irl I've recently noticed an uptick of comments from people who are tired of upvote memes uTheHodag but I've seen a lot of That's GREAT MISCONCEPTIONS about what it actually means It doesn't represent the Meme Police It's actually referencing the famous RULES OF REDDIT post shown here reddit every day YOUVEBEENEVISETED BY THE RULESOFREDDIT t or bein of a Please don't In regard to promoting reddit posts Hint at asking for votes Show me some love! Is this front page worthy? Vote This Up to Spread the Word! If this makes the front page I'll adopt this stray cat and name it redd it If this reaches 500 points the Reddit alien! Upvote if you do this! Why isn't this fpd get a tattoo getting more attention? etc Conduct polls using the title of your submission andor votes These methods are not reliable because of vote fuzzing and are in that regard just HIS POSTGETS 1000 UPVOTES WILL REPOST THIS IMAGE UNTI POSTSGET BANNED ask for out M vour submission ur uomDiv when uther peovie ask vuu Tis will result in ing good not sion Jul Jue rot piape This includas ttkina 2 Creat mre daumuote THESE DUMBASS vhen In re I N se submissions By the time your post reaches the front page it probably won't be 'breaking' anymore So be sure to bring this up at the dinner table tonight and don't say you didn't learn anything! Thanks for reading I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago and I'm bored out of my mind so I thought I might as well do something slightly useful with my time Have a nice day and eat your vegetables me🔴irl Meme











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