Hey can I use the bathroom? I don't know can you? FITTCHH HCHHH CH FFFIT HTPF CHH HCH You know when I was using the word 'can' I was using its secondary modal form as a verbal modifier asking for permission as opposed to expressing an ability I thought you were smart enough and spoke English long enough to understand that that was my bad May I use your bathroom? on yes? That's what I thought Thanks httpragecomicappspotcom <p><a href=httpa-v-ptumblrcompost3942355481>a-v-p<a><p> <blockquote> <p>A friend recently sent me this I responded “lolz” and he responded back “Is that linguistics?” Being the kind of person to think I <a href=httptumblrcomxbw1lndl7z>read poetry<a> and <a href=httptumblrcomxbw1nwrfdd>learn foreign languages<a> all day this was the closest approximation he had made yet to an accurate understanding of my field I’d say this is an excellent conceptualization of the divide between <a href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiLinguistic_prescription>prescriptivism<a> and <a href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiDescriptive_linguistics>descriptivism<a> but not something I would necessarily do a whole NSF grant proposal or a PhD dissertation on Not wanting to say “no” since he’d made so much progress in understanding what linguistics is I responded that this was “armchair linguistics” but linguistics nonetheless Stay tuned for more on “armchair science” tomorrow!<p> <blockquote> <p>Okay so this isn&rsquot an actual <strong>Linguist Llama<strong> but it&rsquos definitely relevant<p> <p>I&rsquod also like to promote <strong><a href=httpa-v-ptumblrcom>a-v-p<a><strong> as an amazing linguistics blog to follow!<p> Meme











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