Hey Az man i hate my mums house i can never ge so do u lke my proofile pic Mark as Unread Back to Messages Report Spam Delete Clear Chat History Clear Chat History Rosina wat u doing up this late anyway sexy? Clear Chat History 600pm 6t0pm A Me 605pm Between You and the other night iwas having sex and he just was not doing anything 4 me he was fin shittt and then i was thinks of u and all those sxc ass pics u got on fb and within 2minutes i had the best im not laughing with you im lsughing at you you dsgusting fat peice of shit cani tell u something u probly gunna think im a fkn freek lol but im not Rosina hay are you doing the entrance club Jennif July 27 at 2117am Lookin good Rosina 610pm 60pmrasiest meanest loudest oragasm Me fuk u u gonna tak i would appreciate an accept so we can chat EVERRRR LOL wat? Az hey 40pmMe 600p Thanks ts rude but so u wanna hear it hahahahahhahaha soz im busy 60pm Me 60pm Rosinal Az uly 27 at 225am yea wat LOL thats ok Hey Darling! awesome to have you as a friend! I appreciate your offer but no thanks you are 710 at best and because i am alot more beautiful than you physically i do not think there is any reason as to why i must undertake a 'chat with you as i would only do so with people who are on my par genetics wise so as to pass strong and attractive genes to my future children Unfortunately I'm afraid you would bring our children down 2 points and judging by your risque DP and ability to message random guys out of the blue you are more than lkely a whore Az 0 if i dont reply it means im not here so dont keep writing lol Rosina Louise ok then im just looking at your pics Rosina Clear Chat Hiory ur pretty hot in all those pics sexy Thanks for the add though hope we can still be friends! 1249am Rosina hey how are you today sexy heyyy howru Reply looking pretty buff in ur dp mmmhmmm Rosinal ill ttyl 1253am y dnt u talk? Rosinal Reply Attach Me 1254am so i dont know you and in that case i would only tak to you if you were attractive Rosina Between You and Mariana Smith hey umad? Rosina Mariana Smith February 25 at 805pm Report hey sexy I am Mariana From Austria I lke to be one of your Friends 0 Louise Rosina hay wen u getting msn Az Shavershian February 26 at 757am Rosina u there lke to be on of your Fuck off you fat slut I am Az from Australia Rosin heyyy i missed tkn to yu X Adrijana Sekerovic Adrijana Sekerovic dick in you Adrijana Sekerovic X Between You and When are you taking me out? aright so il pick you up at 2 July 23 at 132am Report wow you're such an asshole Your one beautiful guy pity I don't know you lol hi P cant believe i even lked you never lol ok what are we doing? Sent vis Facebook Mobile what are you doing saturday Az Shreddedshian July 27 t 212am seriously you have one beautiful eye pity about the rest lol hi P i was just fucking with you 706am why do you ask Reply I don't take out sluts Fuck you I just fuck them and youre a 710 at best you're lucky a guy lke me would even put his dick in you do you have plans or not Attach Reply idiot no Back to Messages sre curh an acchnle daily reminder as long as you are good looking girls will want to be with you even if you treat them like shit Meme











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