Heroes Birthday Game 20 buys you a coffee 21 kisses your cheek Day 1 saves you fromm the clutches of evil 2 sweeps you off your feet 3 buys you a pony 4 kisses you passionatly on the loor Month 1 James Bond 2 Harry Potter A Ironman 22 proposes te you with a diamona ring 23 invites you and Loki to a game of strip poker 24 tells you that hes always liked 4 Captian Jack Sparrow 5 dances slowly with you S Superman & Indiana Jones 7 Han Sole E Spiderman e Batman 6 write you a poem 7 bakes you a cake a invites you to a romantic pienie in the you 25 tells you to become their sidekiek park 4 shows up at your door with a bunch of 26 french kisses you 27 askes for your number 28 comes into your shower 24 shared an ice eream with you 30 buys you a mansion 31 invites yow to move in wwith him roses s0 confesses his undying love for you 11 throws you a party 12 fathers your child $3 handeuffs you to him 14 invites you to ge clubbing with him 10 Thor 11 The 11th Doctor 12 Sherfock Colour of your shirt 15 forms a band with you 16 nibbes your ear $7 tel gou that you're beautiful se invites yo to hs bedroo 14 does a poe dance for yo Purple bease hey think gour Aet Bl then g Aa se Green you tw then ve Aapily ver after Red ke a love sick hehoon Othen Yow te then dance n the tahlennked SO Han Solo bakes me a cake because he thinks i'm hot? TASTE OFAWESOMECOM Hitler hated this site to0 THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR bought me a coffee and then we had sex TASTE OFAWESOMECOM Like this? You'll hate SPIDRMAN PROPOSES to me with a diamond ring and we live happily ever after TASTE OF AWESOMECOM Hitler hated this site too Spidrman Proposeshttpomg-humortumblrcom Meme





Han Solo

Harry Potter

James Bond




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