HERE YOu GOKID ALL CASH AS PROMISED eleva GOOD TRY SOㅆ OTHER SHOWS AN 'LL CONTACT you DuURING THE WEEK STOP THAT Guy! 囧 KREECH STOP HIM! DON'T LET HIM GET TO THE ELEVATOR! WHATEVER THANKS YOu ONE! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG AND YET 工DİDN'T MAGINE THAT 工NEVER SAW YOu OR ANYONE HAVE STOPPED HIM AT LEAST SLOWED HIM DOWN NEEDED YOu THESE LAST FEW YEARS SO DON'T BLAME ㅆE FOR RETURNING THE FAVOR 5 6622 嶝 レISTEN SON YOU'RE GOING TO NEED TO SIT DOWN FOR A ㅆㅇㅆENT THIS IS GOING TO BE A SHOCK TO YOU YOUR AUNT'S OKAY SHE'S WITH THE NEIGHBORS RIGHT NOW WHAT'S GOING ON引 MAY? WHAT'S HAPPENING2 TELL ㅆ티 IT'S YOUR 凵NCLE BEN THERE'S BEEN AN INCIDENT THERE'S NO EASY WAY TO SAY THIS SON YOUR UNCLE TRIED THERE WAS A LOT OF TO STOP THE CASH LYING AROUNDGuY AND HE AFRAID YOUR UNCLE DIDN'T MAKE IT GOT SHOT BROKE IN IS HE IS HE OKAY TEN CHARLIE-SEVEN OVER THIS IS TEN-CHARLIE SEVEN OVER WE HAVE A POSSIBLE SIGHTING ON YOUR SUSPECT WHITE ㅆALE LATE THIRTIES BLOND HAIR AND RED JACKET SUSPICIOUS ㅆALE SEEN ENTERING ACㅆ WAREHOUSE ON PARLOR STREET OVER traincat “What the hell is wrong with you? You could have stopped him… at least slowed him down”“And yet I didn’t Imagine that” Mythos Spider-Man I know everyone is tired of seeing the origin on film in reboots but the origin is important One moment of I honestly don’t even think you can call it selfishness! One moment of apathy! One moment of not doing good because if you have the power to do good it is your responsibility to do it! And this is what happens! One moment! No high tech suits no craving approval from authority figures One moment in a back hall or a parking garage or a convenience store One stupid petty vindictive moment that felt GOOD That felt BETTER than helping That’s what it boils down to Spider-Man is about the opposite of rewards Meme











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