HERE THERE BE ROBOTS A NEW MAP OF THE PLANET MARS From RecentdActual Surveys Records GEOGRAPHIC EARTH EQUIVALENTS PUBlsISHED BY ElsEANOR bUTZ IN THE YEEAR 2016 This map of Mars caxplains the etymology of Martian crater names Craters smaller than e kn in diameter are named afler Carth villages with a ppulation of less than 1oo peple Gound in black on the map with the correonding Carth lacation written in CAPITALIZED tert Iarge cnaters that are mere than bo km in Latatrte nRAZit icoud diameter are named afler deceased scientists and artists whe contributed to Mars research or lere ind in red on the map with cach person's first name written in Latnd AL USA CAPITALIZED tet Onle official names are Uhion and included in the Gazetteer ienclature are shown on this d b the International Astronomical Deuteronilus Mensae IafCAMEROON @Gol NORWAY 1SRAEL a map The map also includes contour tines hased on the Coler-Caded Contour Map of Mars ted by the US Geological Survey in zo03 The t satellite image cverlay are hased on Altimeter OAan instrument on ASsMars Glebal Survegor spaceenaf Elath ACIDALTA PLANITIA Duies CHILE acquired by the hic data and the MERTON Orbiter Iaser CANA k OINDIA AUSTRALIA The MGs aceerafe us launched in o06 and sucessfully mapped the surface of Deuteronilus Colles 9CaoleID USA Taith ND USA Freedem andas Hars over a periodof four and a half ears OK USA ohali Jakima NY USAWA USA MEXICO selin Sa1000 Semcean en sICERIA RANCE lonia Colles Eurhnates Palent Beember Idgeus 1sIme AUSTRIA ం GUINEsnenia Ocus Carrus Rauna LATVIA Plers ARABIA TERRA Siloe Patent PLANTTIA RYS Quenisset FERDINAND Wbreester NYUSA PIERRE ipinixENYA ICELAND LldasRAEL Mammarion CAMILLE bertad VENEZUELN Mclaushlin SUCCESSFUL A Cassini DEAN Oxia Colles keren Puick ত WSachow Gill Irouelet Sakains Cusus 24lles SALNGASCA Bars Deniclsm e EDWARD Kaloese HUNGARYellit SUDAN Crominelin nkr LARLES ৯ Da am Chaos ANDREW TERRA PORTUGAL gdroles Chaes Shalb Firs VALDEMAR LERE SABAEA TES OON MA Chimbls Tusknce Ravi allis ant Chaos MERIDIANI PLANUM Tassalonet SUCCESSFUL LANDING Balbt Schiaparelli de Bort LEON CAUSA L Zimbukti tnas Chtie Cee r Chasma Poll Aunnae anum mm alles Mariner Margaria ARGA TERRA lensa les HAROLD Vanl ARUM Rauseraucs Kimry RUSSIA ww Trule lden UNION Radde DAVID Bigbee ALTER rsthracum Chaos ambert Dellfus KInOINY Nema NAMIBIA LANDING Blunck 2lles USS ervthnse CEORCE hatslie NS BeanpREYo ongd NOACHISTERRA laaidi KENYAmarh USSIA BRAZIL hadlRMANN த le Verrier reeley Hunten als ১ INDONESIA ARGENTINA OH USChakor UKRAINE Fooe Bkir TURKEY Kushnst USSIA INDIA Sla MOROCCO USSIA 6 Nereidum Helmholtz JaloarsTONIA @ZDese ETHIOPA uress s lal MONTENECRO LA USAA Wire Kaiser FREDERICK SalaatCHANA 9Tezia rvere Mons ICHAR Hatara Mar Gatlle Milfond UT USA JOHANN atndatia AuSTRALIA Kamloops Oceadum YRE NITIA ELLAS ANITIA Jallis Pallacoes MERCATOR PROJECTION CONTOUR INTERVAL 1000 METERS igia lensae Cerdonia Mensae XANTHETERR ARITIFE land-of-maps Here there be Robots A New Map of the Planet Mars from Recent and Actual Surveys and Records by Eleanor Lutz 1276x1702CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS! Meme











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