Heart Attack Warning Signs A guide to better understand heart attack warning signs from Marshfield Clinic & Shine3bs Women Lightheadedness or dizziness Men Cold sweat or nausea Upper back pressure Chest pressure or pain Chest pressure Shortness of breath Shortness of breath Pain in one or both arms the back neck jaw or stomach Pain in one or both arms the back neck jaw or stomach Fainting or extreme fatigue If you have any of these 5 symptoms for more than 5 minutes and are unsure of Women might not experience the chest pain that is often noted as the most common sign of heart attack the cause call 9-1-1 Treatments work best if given Some women who have had heart within 1 hour of when heart attacks say they thought they had the symptoms associated with the flu attack symptoms begin Experts at Heart Marshfield Clinic solarpunkarchivist sanscarte branwyn-says lifehacksthatwork Signs of a heart attack are different for each gender yet we only really teach the male warning signs Make sure you’re aware of both and spread it to as many other women as possible! EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE TAKEN A CPR CLASS I have had to be that person who points out that the training videos ALWAYS frame the “male” symptoms as the default universal heart attack experience while the “female” symptoms are framed as though they’re a deviation from the norm rather than the primary symptom set that cis women experience ALSO I just showed this post to my roommate who is an MD at a clinic that specializes in care for the LGBT community in the Baltimore area I asked her whether hormones were responsible for the difference in the “malefemale” symptom arrays I asked how that would apply to her trans patients which she treats a LOT of trans patients She said basically that the longer you’ve taken testosterone the more likely you are to get the intense chest pressure and the arm pain versus the upper back pressure and shortness of breath Obviously I am not a doctor myself consult your own health care provider etc Reblogging this comment because this is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever seen someone address what XYZ medical condition would look like in trans patients Also this is partly why my great-grandma died the male doctor dismissed her heart attack as basically indigestion because she didn’t have the typical male symptoms Oh my God someone was able to answer the trans patient question! Meme






oh my god





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