@halsey I don't really want to do interviews anymore cause it seems like everytime I do a long form interview it ends with people taking quotes from it and being like SHES BIPOLAR!!! DEMON!!! AAAAAAND SHES A WHORE! Look at all these EXES! Even when the interview is like I like music! @halsey The worst part honestly is the media outlets that I don't agree to talk to taking quotes out of context from interviews I've agreed to do and turning them into articles full of misquotes and clickbait garbage about mental health and sexuality that doesn't help anyone @halsey I've tried so hard to speak from my heart and be a role model but media outlets basically just use me as a click bait jerk off method to write about mental illness and bisexuality without saying anything that's actually helpful at all it's just gratuitous bullshit h @halsey They just want dramatic pull quotes about people's suffering None of the press about my activism actually mentions any of my activism It's just indulgent tabloid writing about my experiences or trauma that they pull from other articles when I say I don't wanna h @halsey If it seems like I'm mentioning the same shit everytime it's cause every media outlet references the same 4 articles about my bipolar my miscarriage my breakup etc LET ME FUCKING GROW! I want to talk about my art! My new experiences! Not 7 year old a! tra badsatloveHalsey calling out the press Meme



The Worst







The Interview

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