GROSS BOYS YOU KNEW IN MIDDLE SCHOOL a @weareallmemes Strailertrashgoddess production Video Game Steve NBA Nick Tyler With The Hair wears breakaway pants over -literally 5 feet tall -smoked his brothers shitty weed basketball shorts daily in case of -caught masturbating during class once and calls himself a stoner Sporting Emergency -called his mom a cunt when she -pre-pubescent sad boi -tries to argue with you about asked him to put the toilet seat -tells everyone he saw dave grohl final four even tho u dont care down one time at ihop can u even name five players daily diet of hot cheetos mountain -sends you his poetry over aim knows three chords on the electric -wears jersey daily to display his dew and internalized misogyny guitar BrettBrentChadChet Kevin Fact Kid tried to stab someone with a wears pastel khaki shorts and -memorized the capitol of every fork and that's why you only country and asks u to test him flip flops in the winter get to use sporks now tries to grind with u at the school -strains a muscle raising his -microwaved a beehive dance to dynamite by taio cruz hand for the entire duration of -thinks eminem is the greatest class -calls everything gay rapper of all time -spits when he talks haha and then what -the reason why no one gets -wears ankle socks with ugly -draws penises on every to play tetherball again sneakers and cargo shorts available surface to him tag urself I'm the self hatred Meme




Dave Grohl







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