gotham city by meg INT WAREHOUSE NIGHT The discordant SCREECH of a wooden chair's being dragged across a concrete floor echoes through the spacious yet deserted warehouse The tinted lights are dim some flickering without any discernible pattern A heavy pair of boots stomp rhythmically as an man makes his way across the room the chair firmly in his grip The man a nameless HENCHMAN type is who someone with manners would refer to as burly or built He stops underneath the brightest light in the room setting the chair down and revealing its occupant He is wearing a golden RR symbol decorating his chest Despite the sack covering his features one can still make out his raven hair poking out of the burlap fabric a uniform of sorts with black and red details plus HENCHMAN gruff Seems like the Batman is losing his touch RED ROBIN's head twitches underneath the sack RED ROBIN muffled Do I look like Batman to you? The henchman circles the teen like a tiger stalking its prey if that tiger had one too many antelope dinners He forces out a deep and planned LAUGH HENCHMAN No no no Much too small you are Red Robin shifts in his seat Inaudible muffling can be heard from underneath the sack HENCHMAN CONT'D Shhh little bird You must save your breath! Air will get spare quite soon Henchman LAUGHS again but this time his voice horribly cracks He COUGHS quickly but the damage was done Red Robin shifts in his seat once more in the following uncomfortable silence HENCHMAN CONT'D So tell me- 2 Henchman tries to restore the tense atmosphere by slipping an obnoxiously sized syringe full of mysterious liquid out of a package hidden in his coat pocket HENCHMAN CONT'D Where is the bat? My employer just wants to chat Red Robin drops his head to the side effectively communicating a bitch please without the spoken word Henchman menacingly shakes his head as he stalks toward the teen HENCHMAN CONT'D I had a feeling you were the dumb robin A voice suddenly cuts through the heavy air RED HOOD from above Damn right! The man drops the syringe in surprise eliciting CRASH Red Robin perks up at the dialogue using the hand that was supposedly tied to the splintering wooden chair to lift the sack from his head a horrid RED ROBIN yelling I resent that! More bickering voices start to emerge from the darkened catwalk above the factory floor The henchman stands stunned SPOILER Hey don't say that! sensitive He's ROBIN Weakest Robin maybe Getting himself kidnapped by this oaf? Disgraceful RED ROBIN yelling We literally planned this! It was your idea! Red Robin starts untying the ropes around his ankles 3 ROBIN Maybe there's a reason you're always playing kidnapped! RED ROBIN yelling Because you guys are jerks? NIGHTWING Hey I volunteered to be kidnapped this time! BATGIRL Oh honey We all know how that would play out A communal GROAN emits from the batkids as they reminisce on the last time Dick volunteered to play kidnapped RED HOOD I take it back Wing's the dumb Robin NIGHTWING OKAY first of all not my fault- the fire was The batkids devolve into unintelligible BICKERING To an outside observer it would seem as Red Robin is yelling into darkness filled with disembodied voices Henchman SPUTTERS unable to form coherent words HENCHMAN H-hey! You- You can't- ALL BATKIDS yelling Shut up! The henchman shuts his gaping mouth with the CLICK of his teeth HENCHΜΑΝ talking to himself I 'm not getting out of this am 1? A pair of white eyes cut through the darkness behind him ΒΑΤΜAΝ No outoftheframework outoftheframework so a little fun tidbit about me is that i write screenplays i challenged myself to write one in fifteen minutes unedited and then post it this is what happened enjoy? so so so thankful and in awe to the response to this post I love screenwriting and it would be my pleasure to provide you guys with more high quality work in the future y’all make me so happythank you Meme








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