Good morning gorgeous Mornin So I'm writing this book I've been working on it for a while but I'm just stuck and have been for ages It's called girls l'll disappoint in my 20's wanna be in a chapter? Today 1059 AM Do I get my own chapter? Oh for sure I've gotta go over everything I could've done differently to make sure thatl don't fuck it up next time 'round Sounds like a lot of work Nah after disappointing so many times it comes naturally Something you're quite proud of lol What'll be the name of my chapter? Or is that something you name afterwards? Today 1254 PM Megan all the wrong choices How's that Disappointing You're doing well I can only go up from here My plan is working perfectly Oh? I'm just imagining you sitting there rubbing your hands together like an evil villain lol Oh yeah that's exactly what is happening here Got my master plan right on track Next step is to make an awful first date and me dress up n shist is about as nice Nah we're gonna find a nice bridge cra open a carton of eggs and have some hobo chili Lmfao That sounds interesting Do the eggs go in the chili or do I get to throw them? Nah we throw them at each other and let our body heat cook them Just like how they did in the old days SWEET After that we can go to the local fountain and swim for a bit before qetting dessert Today 424 PM Can we get beignets? Today 442 PM Fine but you're paying Gonna be the worst date ever Ok so long as you're cooking the hobo chili K but in gonna burn it Fair warning When is this date? And there are gonna be a few hairs in it Extra flavor Oh god When are you free? I've got a butt load of work till Friday afternoon I'm free Friday That works for me Cool Here's my number T Hobo chili Meme







The Worst



Good Morning

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