goat-yells-at-everything nickyvmlp segasister nickyvmlp goat-yells-at-everything cannibalgurlcreations-blog This is for those of you saying “We only have so many cases why are we shutting stuff down?” It’s so it doesn’t do anymore growing so you stay at “we only have so many cases” It’s also so you don’t spread it to grandma grandpa mom dad Uncle Bob with diabetes your pregnant cousin Jill etc Now go wash your hands and follow the last two hashtag You follow it the other hashtags will lead to the first 4 happening #dontkillgrandpa #dontkillgranma #dontkillunclebob #dontkilljillandbaby #quitwhining #quitbeingaselfishprickhttpswwwinstagramcompB917299FaDC8eS04vGFUId0N-NaQ1Hk6JXXs6c0?igshid=1a5wx8z2b3qkq Note These are CONFIRMED cases from testing These are not the actual numbers because a many people especially those in late 20s to mid 30s are a-symptomatic which means you can be infected with the virus and NOT KNOW IT because YOU DONT GET SICK but you can still spread it to others! b many people will have mild symptoms and just treat themselves at home which is absolutely what you SHOULD be doing you only need to go to the ER if you are having serious issues and so are not being tested Though a lot of these people are just assuming they have a cold or allergies and still going out THATS why they’re shutting things down Its to keep people from congregating in closed spaces where the virus can move from person to person easily So wash your hands stay home and just cool your heels for now Dang why’s Louisiana taking it so hard? NY is taking it harder than everyone else though Yea but were tiny down here New Orleans is a major international port and tourism mecha though Small population but high tourism so a lot of activity and movement to pass it around And here’s a chart comparing the death rates to the seasonal flu so if y’all could shut the absolute fuck up about them basically being the same thing that would be great Remember we have reliable vaccine and treatment for the seasonal flu This is a novel coronavirus Novel in this instance means new We are not nearly as equipped to deal with it as we are with the flu and it’s proving to be far more deadly already Meme











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