glumshoe simplydalektable foxesonstilts profusedinmelancholy profusedinmelancholy profusedinmelancholy penfairy frankarnstein Keira Knightley 20 January 2018 Does anyone else remember the story about that poor lesbian who came out to her mother and her mother cried and said “it’s all that damn Keira Knightley’s fault I knew I shouldn’t have let you watch pride and prejudice as a child” because I’m really feeling that now Yes Bonus I’m screaming listen i respect y’all’s elizabeth bennets and elizabeth swanns and especially y’alls bend it like beckham babygays realizations but DID Y’ALL MISS DOMINO 2005 ???? LOOK AT THIS FRESH DISASTER THIS ABSOLUTE DREAM OF A MESS DID Y”ALL MISS THIS AND THIS AND LOOK AT THIS GAY ANNOYANCE??? oh and at the end lucy liu shows up and interrogates her and it is v intense and lesbionic in conclusion i had this haircut for 7 years and still want to kiss keira knightley I can’t believe this Princess of Thieves erasure she cuts off her own hair and dresses like a boy to protect the crown prince also she’s amazing at archery legolas whomst? I recorded this on VHS commercials and all and watched it pretty much until the tape wore out Totally in a heterosexual way though When I was 12 a drunk adult man shouted “You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen!” at me My reaction was to turn around and shout back “Then OBVIOUSLY you’ve never seen Kiera Knightley!” and in retrospect I should have realized some things sooner than I did Meme











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