Ghetto Queen @_zolarmoon My sister has a whole homework packet & only did 1 pg I asked her why & she said cus her class in a group chat & everyone does 1 page GIF 813017 811 AM cop-disliker69 zvaigzdelasas hundondestiny hearts-pearls jehovahhthickness melonmemes We’re in 2017 but The Class of 2018 in 3018 Ok but this is even better this works for classes that arent prerequisites or homework that wont come in a test imagine not doing your algebra homework and passing with a to calculus It’s not a matter of “not doing” the homework You’re sharing the load for the same assignments which means everyone gets to work through 1 thing on their own and then they can look over and learn from what the other students have done Sharing homework isn’t the same as just cheating off a test bc you still have to process homework as you’re doing it and for some people it helps to know that what they’re doing is the right steps because then it’s easier to remember Unlike traditional homework standards where you turn it in and don’t know if it’s right until some time after by which time you’ve already internalized your way of doing it and if that’s wrong you have to retrain yourself Which takes far more energy and really isn’t helpful Especially when teachers will return grades as you’re taking another exam and shit Also! You have other people’s grades somewhat reliant on you which in-itself can b a motivating force Also! Homework is completely pointless and numerous studies have shown it doesn’t help learning at all Schools with lots of homework a little homework and no homework at all do exactly the same on standardized tests It’s a punishment and oppression that children are smart and morally right to attempt to evade by whatever means necessary Meme






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