German shepherd? I think they adopted a kangaroo @DrSmashlove Alright here go part 2 of my friend zone post First the problem with men is a lot of them generally don't understand how this attraction shit works A woman is gon fuck with u for a variety of factors - looks humor ambition etc If your mix don't do it for her bruh it's physiological Her vagina lips recede into her body and a little elf named Susan who lives in that vagina and wears a purple robe all day puts a sign outside saying CLOSED FOR SERVICE Meanwhile if she fuck with your wave Susan start harassing her telling her to be ratchet Who cares if you didn't shave take them panties off GURL - why u being prude SEE THIS IS WHY U AINT MARRIED just let him take his PP out - just so u could look at it šŸ¤— <- Susan is a bad ass influence šŸ¤—šŸ˜‚ Nah but if Susan don't like u she don't like u And every time u try to be sexual Susan gon be more aggravated GIRL THIS MAN IS GROSS CUT HIS ASS OUT Men y'all gotta understand that if a woman friend-zones u u can't kick your desire to seduce her ass into overdrive Quite the CONTRARY - u gotta 1 fall back 2 be a good friend type she could rely on - which just generally u should do for your friends anyway 3 most of all be extremely chill - like overly platonic Don't let a hug linger - Susan will be annoyed Again u trying to do the opposite of reel her in Maybe even refer to her as Lil Sis - u feel me? Then just watch Susan will be confused Lil Sis? This motherfucker just liked me last year! Talmbout 'lil sis' GIRL KISS HIM WHILE U DRUNK JUST TO FUCK HIS HEAD UP šŸ’… And then when she kiss u pull back like ayeee u ok? Lol Now Susan will be damn near commanding her to mount yo ass and ride u like Kentucky Derby U feel me? And that's the bottom line Ladies if he knows how to be a good FRIEND and not have EXPECTATIONS then let him stick around Maybe even give him a lil Mercy Punani šŸŒ¹ If he trying to hump yo leg like a lonely dog erry time u see him then cut him loose - u don't wanna upset Susan šŸ¤— Bless up šŸ˜šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Meme


Bless up








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