gallusrostromegalus huggablekaiju aughtomaton banyanyabread elionking rootbeergoddess voidbat callmebliss rikodeine ajax-daughter-of-telamon tastefullyoffensive photo via princessmisery This is a great idea! this is really cool Kids hate the big plastic keys cos they’re not interesting they wanna see the things the grownups use all the time I kinda want one of these DUDE it’s a giant fucking stim board! GENIUS This is brilliant Shit I might make one of these for myself ^^ This is extremely devopmentally appropriate and smart Hey! They had a thing like this at my preschool because not only is it a great entertainment center its also a great tool for teaching toddlers fine motor skillsWe also had a board with the fronts of shirts jackets etc cut out and mounted so we could fool around with and learn how to use buttons zippers velcro etc which meant I was dressing myself pretty early We also had leftover keyboards computer mice sans cables and a mix and match board of connector cables bolted down and too short to strangle ourselves with because I lived in silicon valley in the early 90’s when the tech boom was happening and parents would donate computer stuff for us to fuck around withIm looking at those gate locks up there and that’s a bit of a bespoke parenting- Dad does run the risk of teaching this toddler how to escape a gated area like the yard but if the kid isn’t prone to wandering it’s a good safety thing for him to learnSome other things to put on a fine motor skills stimboard doorknobs and handles switches and buttons esp of you can wire them up to do something- kids learn patterns way earlier than you might think window locks and cranks assorted textures like carpet fabrics those reversible sequins pebbles sandpaper etc the tops of jars with different kinds of lids top open and close and if you can stand it anything that makes noisesBut pretty much anything that can be fiddled with changed by touching and is safe to nom on is a good thingAn additional caveat from my own youth if the fine motor boards are down at toddler height dogs cats most pet birds and some reptiles will also play with and learn to manipulate these things Which is also good mental stimulation for them but you can give your animals interesting ideas about what is ok to handle and teach them skills you might not want them to know Meme











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