frnk oreos 2016 best nine on Instagram #2016bestnine Rtnectiquelsgoingtojallparty Mom wny A boy with awfulanxiety and who only at his death will directly affect my life However I am heartbroken Every day more queer kids like Ashare the cops here? breathed plan A got up on stage and are dying Every day trans boys and trans girls and Me non-binary kids are overdosing Running into traffic spoke Hanging themselves In some fashion killing hemselves It ens me I don't know how old Ash A boy who struggled with depression was I don't know how long his short life was But I d and purpose did too know that it shouldn't have been that short Ash should've grown up He should have gotten a safe nder been respected by friends teachers and amily and eventually started T He should have gotten top surgery if he desired But he couldn't live o see a day where he was happy And no one deserves to live their life being sad Ash had one life which should've been long and happy and peaceful IRI t was cut short Iwill NOT let trans people keep dying every day I will NOT let them keep suffering will NOT and enduring pain every day of their lives I stand for innocent people-no not just innocent 357 PM eople Innocent KIDS children killing themselves mamyourjosms gorina nave a singingrapping part in the next album SNAP CHAT d from side Daddi Press for more Look ma ma Twenty One Pilot SNAPCHAT from Daddi So many fake smiles You never know boy with bright blue hair and moci what someone is going through es and C major lips and blue-sky dog wore timbs would he wear th inds and tiger-growl teeth stands ke this like this? or when was 12 I burnt a loaf of garlic bread 20133 Likes to 3842 posts in 2016 frnkoreos Thank you for your likes! Meme











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