FOR OF CAN YoU PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE By @florencegivenart 路 there is a huge difference between a compliment and language that harasses & objectifies someone Anti-feminists like to act like this line is soOooOo confusing when it's not There is a clear difference between your partner sayinghey beautiful and you walking down the street trying to live your life and getting hey beautiful shouted - creepily murmured at you by a stranger The difference between a compliment and harassment has to do with a lot of things including Consent Space Tone Relationship Environment Context etc If you want to pay someone a compliment but arent sure if it's appropriate Then it's probably best to not say it because it's better to withhold one comment than make someone feel violated-uncomfortable The feeling of living your life and getting objectified by random people is very uncomfortable and hard to put into wordsBut some that come to mind are invasive feeling like you're just a walking sex object-not an actual human feeling humiliated & devalued feeling small & defenseless ALSO for the derailers it doesn't make ME uncomfortable though ok that is great but it makes other people uncomfortable Shouldn't you focus on other issues than cat calling lucky enough my brain can think about more than one issue at a time and talking about catcalling doesn't mean I am any less committed to ending rape acid attacks FGM etc Also as many of you know these issues are all connected anyway women can't take compliments anymore if that is your takeaway plz reread this post 馃檪馃檪馃檪馃檪 you're restricting my free speech!!! if you're upset because I'm telling you not to harass people then you probably should reevaluate your priorities in life 馃晩 Meme

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